About She

‘She wanted to exist only as a conscious flower, prolonging and preserving herself’

Thanks to -F. Scott Fitzgerald,

I think that is my best self-description, so far because I don’t  know how to explain myself.  Yes, I’m lack of self-explanation. A Malaysian. I hardly train myself to read, read, read and read. Not to read means illiterate no matter how genius you are. I believe to the power of reading in order to improve my world view and to prolong myself.  Words are like magical spells that can give impact to my life. I’ll try to discover myself by reading. Maybe after this I can find the best and the bad sides of me. Hopefully it is still not too late  to start this from the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your writing here in the WordPress. Your writings raise me. Allow me to re blog. I appreciate it a lot. Lets change our world by sharing our thoughts

Best regards from Malaysia


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