Lack of Political Imagination

A Bear - Poles Apart

Who believes in politics? Some. Not many. Extremists do, for they want to change the world. Extremists are considered to be mad.

But everyone wants change, right? The cry for change is heard in any election campaign, and no mainstream politician striving for popularity can avoid this magic word.

But what kind of change do they want? For sure, they believe in the system, that is, they believe in nothing.

What is – the system that we have and the conditions in which we live – it is because it is, for something has to be. Our world of today exists by accident. It is a random point in the history of mankind.

You live here and now, but that you have not chosen. What is, doesn’t need your support to be.

You are free to imagine the best of all worlds. In your thoughts you may construct an earth…

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